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    I am trying to figure out where my blog is being referred to, as one post has suddenly gone worldwide. Statcounter can’t work with to give me the page where I’m being linked, and it doesn’t show up as a referred page (in fact, half the time those referred pages don’t make any sense at all because I’m just not on there.)

    Can anyone tell me how to find where I’m being linked, without putting a web 1.0 note at the beginning of the post saying, “Um, where are you all coming from?”

    Thanks, Bonnie

    The blog I need help with is




    Look at

    Our Referrers list only shows things Google Blogsearch picks up, and it’s getting worse and worse, near useless.



    Dang. I guess the answer is, tough luck. Thanks for responding, though.


    When you have a referrer show up, and there is no link to your blog on the other end, Congratulations!!! The spam referrer linkers have found you and all they are hoping is that you will click on the link and visit their site and click on an ad link.

    As far as finding the site or sites that linked to you, I don’t know of any way. The referrer might show up in a day or two.

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