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    Hi All,

    All my Referrers in my blog stats start with catogory name) does it mean that all my visitores are wordpress users searching internally based on tags? none outside? i dunno i shld be happy that atleast someone is visiting or sad that my blog is limited to fewer audience? :(

    can someone throw some light?
    thanks in advance



    Do you normally get referrals from outside of WP or from other blogs? I’m not sure but I would think it’s probably just a coincidence; you’re listed in Google when I check, and a lot of my hits come from WordPress tags, so I wouldn’t think it’s unusual that you’d be see a lot of referrals from there. Plus your tags seem quite specific, so I can imagine anyone searching for SAP at WP would find them quite easily. One of your posts is still on the front page of the SAP tag after 5 days, for example; you’re probably getting a good click through rate for that post.



    //you’re listed in Google when I check,//?? how did u check that?

    also i dint ever see any other referrer other than links which look like “ catogory name)” under my Referrers in my blog stats.

    thats what i am confused about am i not getting any externals?
    its still unclear. getting wp visitors is nice..but where r others ;)



    This is the format for a google blog search
    SAP site:

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