Reformat my existing primary blog rather than switch it to secondary??

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    Now I am having second thoughts about making my newest blog my primary blog by switching blogs. Right now I have a well-established blog, and if I take the “Primary” status off it, wouldn’t I be losing something as a result?

    Since the new blog is very new, it occurs to me I could convert the theme of the primary blog to the new theme (Andreas). I would re-format the sidebars and add in the three new posts of the brand new blog.

    Then the brand new blog can sit for a while until I decide how it will be classified.

    Am I right in figuring that changing the template of my primary blog to the preferred Andreas template and maintaining all those posts would actually be a wiser thing for me to do?


    my primary blog is:
    the brand new blog is:

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Timethief answered your question in the other thread.



    No, she did not. She was answering my first question about how to change a blog to be the primary blog.

    My new question was quite different, but anyhow, I figured that I might just as well keep the primary blog as my primary blog but change the template. And then, transfer the two new posts from the Johnny come lately blog to the old timer blog.

    The main reason for it all was that I wanted to switch from DePo to Andreas template.

    It is all done now.I worked all day on it.


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