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Reformatting blog title for length

  1. Hi, thanks in advance. Newbie here and first post.
    The title displayed on my blog is long enough that the last word wraps down a line. So I have 'The Maltese Falcon' divided in such a way that the word 'Falcon' wraps down a line. I am using Greyzed theme. Is it possible to edit the formatting of the title so I break the line at a different point?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you type in the 6 characters below but with no spaces between it will create a non-breaking space. Type these in instead of a space in your title and the words either side will not be split up on to different lines. Just to let you know, on my computer your title displays with "Maltese Falcon" on the second line, maybe split it after the dash.

    & n b s p ;

  3. Thank you. Worked beautifully.

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