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    I want to give the idea about adding a button to Refresh the Title of a Page/Post Permalink when we edit the name of it, so we don’t have to do it manually.

    Lets said we had a post with the name “Pagina ejemplo” and we edit it to be called now “PresentaciĆ³n”

    Well, this button should change the permalink from “pagina-ejemplo” to “presentacion”

    You can see the idea on the image.



    Ideas are probably best submitted to the Ideas forum. You needn’t type the new title twice. Here’s a method which might be quicker that what you’re doing now:

    1. Type the new title into the title field
    2. Copy the new title
    3. Click the edit button at Permalink
    4. Paste the title into the slug field
    5. Update the post.



    Correction: that = than


    I thought I have posted it on the Ideas forum. In fact it’s listing there.

    I know I don’t need to type the title twice, but I think it’s a cool and easy feature to be added to WordPress ;)

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