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    They put you in an endless loop of the same place as you were prior and you end up going nowhere you can’t get help just brings you back to the public forum you can’t get a refund you can’t get a cancellation this website sucks and it’s made not to get your money back it’s a trap

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi petercottonesquire,

    It’s not a trap :) The account you are contacting us from hasn’t purchased any upgrades on, which is why there is no option to cancel/request a refund or access paid support. This suggests you have another account.

    What is the address of the site you would like a refund for? Please don’t share any transaction IDs here, a site address is the only information I need for now.

    Please also try logging out of, then log back in using the email address your purchase receipt was sent to. Once logged into the correct, I should be able to look at your account.

    Come back to me if you have any trouble.

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