Refund: There is no refund?

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    I’m trying to set up a website for a client through I quickly realized I made a mistake. I found out I could only use my custom theme when using or an external webhosting service. I chose the latter. Unfortunately I had already purchased the bundle upgrade (99 USD) after I found out about my mistake. I asked for a refund and according to my Paypal account, I have already received my refund. When I check my bankaccount, I can NOT find the refund. Something’s gone wrong. Could someone from WordPress please look into this issue?

    Kind regards.


    This is a paypal issue. They specifically say that it can be several days before you will see the transfer to your bank account. Did you tell paypal to transfer the money back to your bank account?



    My paypal account is linked directly to my bankaccount. I believe it should’ve been refunded by now since I’ve asked for a refund over a week ago.


    I’m familiar with paypal – did you click the ‘transfer’ button? Even when your bqank account is linked to your paypal account, you still need to take that action. You need to click transfer to put it into your bank account. Also, it can take time to arrive there. If it’s in your paypal account then as thesacredpath says, it’s nothing to do with WordPress.



    Where do I click ‘transfer’? Paypal is telling me it has already transferred, yet when I look into my bankaccount, there is no refund. I gotta get some sleep for now. I’ll check back tomorrow.


    If Paypal is telling you that the money has been transferred to your bank account, then you need to phone your bank account to find out what’s happened to it rather than waiting for it to appear on a statement (virtual or otherwise). But it’s not usually an immediate thing – it can take several days (or at least it can with my bank.)

    ‘Transfer’ might be ‘Withdrawal’. I’m not sure. I’d have to log in to my Paypal account to check. Either way, money going in to your paypal account from outside it needs to be moved from that to your bank account and they don’t usually do it automatically, it usually has to be done by the account holder.

    I hope this helps. I doubt I can help more with this.

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