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  1. How do I get a refund? Having clicked on the cancel option on My Upgrades section, I still don't seem to get a notification telling me how to claim a refund?
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  2. See the sticky post at the head of the forum >
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  3. Hi tommordey,

    Which upgrade were you trying to cancel and get a refund for?

    I'll be more than happy to get that done for you.

  4. I'm trying to cancel and get a refund for both the WordPress value bundle and the Traction Premium Theme I purchased. Thanks for your help.

  5. provides a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a premium theme refund yourself directly from the Store section of your Dashboard

    See here for canceling a bundle purchase > Canceling a Bundle >

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