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Regarding earning in Word ads

  1. my domain is hosted on word press and its showing word ads from 22 june..
    we earn 32$ in 8 days of june for less than 35K visits in that 8 days.
    in july we had 150K visit and earning in mere 14$.
    blog shows google ads ..
    Home page impression in 10% only .90% post impression on the post.
    for 150K views on Google ads you get between 300-400$.
    90% of word ads are from google only ..
    can i request to recheck my earning ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. interesting.
    my earnings were also below expectations. last month earnings got updated after a few days. i wonder if it's the same for july...

  3. kss007in and thurnherr we will look into it.

  4. I have word ads on my site, but I have had to block banner ads in my security on my computer, so that I do not see them, because there is this voice five survey thing that keeps popping up and it seems to be a widespread problem on the internet. Not saying it is related, but if I had to block them, then others likely have too. If our readers have ads blocked, doesn't that affect the earnings?

  5. Jon, this has been mentioned in another thread and my earnings do not match either, for June I had half the views as July and yet $100 more

  6. ianrobo - I wrote you by email. We are looking into the earnings on your site.

    niecey456 - short answer is yes ad blockers mean advertisers don't count those page views as ad views. But its unlikely that your own page views = significant earnings.

  7. thanks Jon, I can not see anything in my mail folder, will mail support.


  8. thanks for your reply jonburke ..
    i am planning to move my website on other server ..
    waiting for wordpress reply only ..

  9. i think i am still waiting

  10. Jon has said to contact all the advertisers will take a week or two so be patient I guess.

    If he says he will look into it he will.

  11. I have some advertising running in my blog -MyDestiny2011 I am not sure if those are free ads or WordAds. How do I know. I have registered for WordAds for a while.

    thank you.

  12. Yes, WordAds has been running for a few months on your site. You can check Settings > WordAds and earnings to get more information. You can email me at [email redacted] if you like.

  13. That's nice. Thank you jonburke. Will e-mail you.

  14. Hi, Jon. Wondering if you could explain the earnings rate system again? I got 1,000 more hits in August than in June, yet I earned $5 less this month than I did in June.

    Thanks for your help,


  15. @azmarzly
    please use the email address provided above.

  16. Angie, yes let's discuss by email. In general there are myriad factors and each site is different. What geos did the impressions come from? Mobile or Web? And then online advertising is really like a stock market with prices rising and falling by the second. Sometimes there is a wind fall where an advertiser pays a premium for site(s) and the next month they don't.

  17. I just got wordads and on the conditions it says that you need to display a link to the wordads "Advertise with us" page. Where is that page so I can link to it!?

  18. The link to the WordAds site is here
    Have you tried looking here?

  19. Thanks, Jon. I didn't realize the earnings weren't more standardized. That makes sense.

  20. Hi there, how will I know that WordAds is indeed running in my site? How soon will I see the ads?

  21. leadeleon
    I am seeing ads on article pages like this - at the bottom

    I am not seeing them on the home page as your theme doesn't have a hook for home page ads.

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