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Regarding site redirect upgrade

  1. I was hosting my website on but since i decided to self-host recently; i would like to purchase site redirect. I was wondering how this work exactly. What if a visitor come from Google with an URL like; will it get redirected to or ? Because I want the former; not the latter since my change the permalink structure in the new site and a bunch of whole other things

  2. I'll tag this thread for a Staff response. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. It should send you to your new blog with the same Perma LInk structure as it was here but with your new base web site exchanged for the old blog here - but all is not lost with the redirect - since you are moving to .ORG you have access to the httaccess file and there are several Plug-in's that should do redirects inside your site

    Make friends over at the WordPress.ORG help forum and also look in the Plug-ins area - redirects and changing the URL structure was not an unusual need

  4. ~~auxclass
    Thanks for the catch. I never change permalink structure at all.

  5. The default Perma-link structure is different than it is here - I changed to one that matched here before I moved from my .ORG install - but the software here does not recognize the default Perma-links - so the search engines held onto the old structure - I had something like 1,000 crawl errors at Google the first year - yes I was a bit grumpy about the differences between .ORG & .COM - and that there were not some options here to deal with address issues - at a minimum the ability to exclude directories that no longer exist

    But the OP has a lot of options at .ORG - a lot or resources

    Yes changing Perma-link structure can give all sorts of issues - but I think the .ORG software can keep track of the changes and send links to the correct Post -

  6. The crawl error part is a nightmare.

  7. it's not just permalink structure that i change; it's also the nice permalink of many posts. it was a big mess before. that's why i'm worried.

  8. olps, typo; it's not nice permalink but the post's slug :D

  9. Yes, if you purchase a Site Redirect upgrade to, will redirect to

    Just make sure that the permalink structure on your blog matches your blog, and you don't change any post slugs ("post-title") after you move.

  10. @macmanx
    Thanks for your response. I never change permalink structure and I thought that was the case but wanted to be positive.

  11. You're welcome!

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