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    I need help with another issue. I don’t understand that catagories thing going on. You know, that thing on the right side column when you’re making a new post. What’s it for, and what’s a good way to use them?

    Oh, and how can I help my blog gain popularity and gain comments and that stuff?



    Look, pal, you’ve got to stop this ridiculous, amateurish tag spam or you’re going to get your butt deleted. It’s not helping your popularity any.

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    BTW I for one am not answering any of your questions until you stop with the spam.



    Woah, how is that spam? Just wondering, I really don’t know. How does it effect everything?



    It’s against the ToS and as we explained in the other thread, you can risk getting deleted. It’s a cheezy SEO technique to get more views, and no, we don’t care why you did it. Don’t do it.

    Do NOT add unrelated tags to your posts, either here on on your blog. Trent and I both explained that to you in the other thread. It’s been reported to staff. Don’t do it again.



    Okay, my bad. I’m totally new to wordpress, so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

    And it said to add words to help somone find the topic, so yeah.



    “Boobies” as a tag in the technical help forum doesn’t help anyone find anything. Where did you learn netiquette, Fark?




    Anyway, any support?



    Specifically what are your questions, let’s see

    (1) Categories
    At Categories and Tags are the same thing. Technorati spiders pick up all categories without any difficulties.

    (2) Blog promotion
    If you want to be sure you’ve covered the bases when it comes to blog promotion then this is a helpful link

    We also have many threads in the forum search box on increasing traffic to your blog. From time to time we start another one and simply reiterate everything that’s been said before.

    In a nutshell:
    (1) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you edit your profile and link your username to your blog.

    (2) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you regularly post high quality, original content posts to your blog.

    (3) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you tag your posts with categories that are specific to your blogging topics.

    (4) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you invest time and energy into leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, in forums and on websites related to your blogging topics.



    Thanks, timethief. I learned some new things with your post. But I still don’t understand how to use the catagories thing for my blog posts. What do I place a checkmark next to, and what kind of tags do I add?



    Normally you enter categories of your choice here ->Manage -> Categories -> Add Category

    You choose categories and assign your posts to categories that are specific to your blogging topics. When they are displayed in the write page categories box you tick off the appropriate ones that reflect the actual content in your post.

    Secondarily you can enter appropriate categories that reflect the actual content in your post “on the fly” into the same box and click “add”. This will and then assign them to the post you are writing.
    There is more information at this link
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    and the information here may be helpful too understanding widgets and how to set them up



    [edited out personal attacks – Trent]

    Catagories tend to be blog (local) specific (they used to be anyway), now tags and catagories are becomong intermingled, as they overlap in use. Use cats to make it easier to find info in your blog. One of the hazards of blogging is the unstructured content, cats were created to alleviate that. Hasn’t worked very well.

    Tags are more for drawing in outside visitors — e.g technorati.

    Increasing traffic is easy. Post often, post quality material, comment on blogs that talk about the same topics. Mostly quality posting.





    Please not personal attacks here everyone.



    Hey guys what’s up
    do u know how to arrange categories like you want them to be …………………. if you do please leave a replay.



    Does this help?
    This thread is packed full of information on categories. If the information in it and at this link doesn’t suffice then please post a specific question so we know what help you need.



    A related question, perhaps. I do not want categories of any kind, all my posts will be of a general sort.

    How do I go about deleting all references to categories on the site ??


    You will have to have at least one category, the default called, “uncategorized”. Do be aware that with your posts uncategorized you will get little “google juice” and won’t be listed in the wordpress tags pages.



    I’m experiencing a problem. I posted a few days ago and decided to try three new tags, cooking, food, and three sisters (a recipe and gardening history). It wouldn’t post for these categories but all my familiar proper tags and categories did work. I tried removing the tags, switching the non posting tags to categories and generally fiddled a bit and it didn’t help. Tonight I posted another recipe and again tried cooking, food and recipes. I still can’t post tags cooking or food but oddly, I see on
    my entry Stuffed Pumpkin “Smiling Jack” has a working tag for flock which I did not place. Judging from my previous failed attempt to post for food and cooking that also shows a tag for flock something seems a little cross-wired. named The Gardener’s Pantry
    Has anyone had a similar problem adding new tag names or categories and been able to fix it? Everything else is working well.



    I have no idea why that post would show up under a tag which you’ve never entered… maybe WP is giving extra publicity for Hallowe’en? :)

    There have been problems with categorization ever since the new tagging system was introduced, so it’s possible you’ve run into one of the problems. Tags can only be added under the editor, but you can add categories in a couple of ways; next to the editor, or by going to Dashboard > Manage > Categories > Add New. Have you tried both? Some people have said that they work better when adding them from Manage > Categories than just on the fly.

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