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Regarding visitors to my site

  1. enterprisecorruption

    I would like for visitors ("users with ID and password")to be able to do only one thing on my site

    read only.. and nothing else whatsoever

    is this an option?



  2. Link to your wordpress.COM blog?

  3. enterprisecorruption

  4. Thanks - just needed to make sure you were hosted here at wordpress.COM since we get a lot of users that aren't. If you go to settings>discussion in your dashboard, uncheck the box Allow people to post comments on the article. (You may also want to uncheck Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.) )

  5. This should work:
    Go to your Dashboard-> when you Edit Post ->go to Discussion -> then uncheck "Allow comments on this post" and "Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this post"

  6. Right. My way is only per post.

  7. enterprisecorruption


    does the menu bar at the top of the page have to remain visible?

    the bar with "My account", "my dashboard", "new post" "blog info" etc?


  8. If you are not logged in, or a visitor, will not see any of that. Readers have no access to your account, dashboard, nor making new posts.

  9. enterprisecorruption

    but the only vistors i want are logged in users who i wish only had subscriber permissions

    know what i mean?


  10. They are not logged in to your account. They are logged in to visit your blog. The will not be able to see your administrative things.

  11. Your readers will see a gray admin bar that is linked to there account
    instead of yours.

  12. Linked to THEIR accounts. not yours.

    They won't be able to post on your blog, nor change anything on your blog. And if you block comments, they won't be able to comment either.

  13. enterprisecorruption

    anyway of removing the grey admin bar for contributors (which is the least active role possible)

    sort of distracting


  14. No, there is no way to remove it. And to be honest, it doesn't sound like you want a blog at all.

  15. waleskareinhardt

    not sure how to take your comment

    hope it was meant well

    problem from what i can see is.. the logged in user can see my updates under the "your stuff" column


  16. waleskareinhardt

    i guess i could use it to my advantage

    thanks all for your assistance


  17. waleskareinhardt

    enterprisecorruption is also waleskareinhardt (this is my test account)

  18. "... the logged in user can see my updates under the "your stuff" column ..."

    No they cannot. Read this:

  19. enterprisecorruption

    yes they can

    but like i said, i guess i could use it to my advantage



  20. I think I know what's wrong here - you have added these people as contributors to your blog, which you did NOT have to do. You can have a private blog and invite those with a wordpress.COM user name to view it WITHOUT them being contributors.

  21. enterprisecorruption



    let me work on this

    i think i see what u r saying


  22. enterprisecorruption

    thanks for your patience

    it seems they have to be added with some "role" yet "no role" is not an option from what i can see

    is there a step or two in the process i am missing out on?

    thanks again


  23. Did you read vivianpaige's answer above?
    Make your blog private.
    Invite your readers.
    They will have to sign up for a free user name.
    (They will not need to start their own blogs.)

  24. enterprisecorruption

    i did.

    if i don't add them as a user the login doesn't work

    and the only option to add them as a user is to give them a "role"

    have you guys tried to do this with 2.7?



  25. That is not the case. You can add any wordpress.COM user to your private blog and they do not have to be assigned roles. Have you read the FAQ on private blogs?

  26. And if it is not working correctly, you need to contact support.

  27. Here is the direct link to contact Staff >

  28. enterprisecorruption

    that's what it says sure enough

    wish it was the case

    "Here you can add and remove usernames from the access list. By adding usernames to the access list you are not giving the users access to the Dashboard of the blog. This list only gives users access to read the the blog."

  29. @enterprisecorruption,
    Please refer to this screen shot > adding readers

  30. enterprisecorruption

    got steps 1-4
    could you show me steps 5,6,7,8, and so on?



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