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    I’ve looked through the forums and faqs and still not sure about the answer.

    I want to know what happens if I register a domain through and map it to my blog, will then I be able to use various plugins and a different theme than the ones offered by the free version of



    The blog I need help with is


    Domain mapping is just what is says, mapping of a registered domain name of your choice to your blog here.

    Your blog is still hosted here at wordpress.COM and all the restrictions and the terms of service still apply.

    If you want plugins and such you will have to self-host a blog. Figure on $10 to $25 per month (including domain name registration costs) or more depending on your storage and bandwidth requirements.

    DO NOT go with free hosting services. You get what you pay for. Do some research.

    Be very careful what code and plugins you install into your blog. There is a considerable amount of very badly written code and plugins out there and they can really mess you up. Some are done that way on purpose.


    Thanks for the answer, Sir.

    Have a good day.



    Don’t you think that estimate for self-hosting is a little high considering wordpress itself recommends several hosts, none of which is in that price range?

    And the real problem with free hosts is generally the speed. I’ve found a few that worked out quite well but if you’re not large enough to put a strain on the free host chances are you’re not doing more than what will give you anyway, plus you avoid headaches when something breaks.

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