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    When I register for a new blog I got an error message “An error has occured (666)” after entering my blog address.It also happens to my friends in my class. Fyi, we used shared wireless internet connection.



    666 means – Your modem (or other connecting device) is not functioning. We can’t help with that the problem is on your end. There are solutions on the internet and Google is your friend.



    This is a relatively common error, but as timethief said, it’s on your end, not on’s



    at that time I can still open other websites so I don’t think it’s due to my connection.


    Log out of wordpdress, clear your browser cache and cookies, and then shut down your computer. Next reboot your modem and then boot up your computer.



    In this context error number 666 is not a modem error. It is a programmer gag :P (I’m a programmer myself), the error number is hardcoded. Unfortunately without the source code it is impossible to say, what the error messagre tries to tell you. Probably “an error that should never happen”. Maybe your blog name contains illegal characters or something like that.

    This “funny” error string is in public.api/is-available/functions.php, line 57. It is a specific file, so I could not check what is in it.

    Booting your computer or modems won’t help. I suggest you contact the support

    It also would be nice if support answered here what the error message means :)



    @mspotilas : I am fully agree with you. Yesterday I found that error message again when entering my email address but I ignore it and kept going untill the registration is finished successfully.

    However, I dont think that this problem is solved :P

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