Registered a domain and two blogs have appeared

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    Hi all,

    I’d appreciate help with two blogs that seem to have been created when I registered a single domain name.

    I have just registered as a domain name, creating this as a new blog. Now in ‘my blogs’ there are two blogs showing with the WordPress names and

    I can see that the address is associated with the domain I’ve registered – does this mean I can delete the second blog that’s been created – ?

    Additionally, and rather irritatingly, the WordPress address associated with my new domain is the address, which, should I choose not to renew the domain name next year, is the more complicated one to use. Is it possible to change the WordPress address sitting under my domain name?

    Many thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    It would appear that you registered the domain as a new blog rather than add it to your existing blog, but I have moved to

    You can safely delete the other blog.


    Hi macmanx,

    Amazing – thanks so much for your help and for sorting this out for me – it’s strange, though, as I didn’t have any existing blogs with an address anything like nickyellisdotcom – I only had, which is entirely un-related and which I haven’t touched for months.

    As an additional question, and really a huge favour, is it possible to further change the wordpress address that sits under the domain name? It’s occurred to me, rather too late, I’m afraid, that it would be most useful to have a really usable wordpress name sitting underneath the .org domain, and if possible I would change it to, as this was the address I was going to use before realising there was a nickyellis domain name available ( itself is not available). It seems that this might be possible, and so if you’re able to tell me how I’d really appreciate it – this is the first time I’ve experimented with a domain name and it’s a steep learning curve!

    With many thanks, again,



    Sure, you can change that following this guide:


    Hi again macmanx,

    Another huge thank you from me! I’ve managed to change the wordpress address and this hasn’t affected the domain name, so all good news.

    Perhaps it’s just me that finds this process over-complicated, but could I suggest to the team that they change the process so that when registering a domain name for a new blog the underlying wordpress address is not automatically chosen but could be nominated by the domain purchaser? This would prompt the person purchasing the domain to think about their underlying wordpress address, which they’ll use if they ever decide not to renew their domain name, and would prevent having to change the blog address and delete the original blog (with all the anxiety of the risk of accidentally deleting/disrupting the new domain name when deleting a blog!) at a later stage.

    Let me know if I need to post this somewhere else to have it seen as a suggestion.

    Thanks again,



    You’re welcome!

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