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Registered and paid for domain, not working

  1. I registered and paid for the domain and got the receipt from wordpress saying it went well:
    "Your Upgrades were purchased successfully.

    Post: Domain Registration – mapped to
    Cost: $17"

    When I check my upgrades and domains however it's simply not there. Only my is visible. Did I do something wrong with the purchase or what?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like something failed in the registration process, I can't find on a whois search.

    You should ask the Staff to look into what happened. I will also flag this for Staff attention. I have seen a couple of other registration failures in the last few days and the Staff was able to help.

  3. Thanks for a quick reply!
    I sent them a message regarding this issue yesterday but I havn't received any words from them yet... I'm hoping for some help before the 48h refund-window closes.

  4. As long as you have ask for the refund inside the correct time frame the Staff has had a real good record on the refunds even if they are a bit slow getting back to you. Sometimes they get a bit backed up. You can also reference this Post as asking for assistance also.

  5. It looks like the domain registration never went through. I have added $25 in credit to your account. Please feel free to try again and let us know if it works out for you!

  6. Thank you macmanx! I'll have a new go now then!

  7. You're welcome!

  8. works now! Thank you for the help!

    Now I just need to get the site going... :)

  9. Perfect, I'm glad I could help! :)

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