Registered new user – cannot log in or recover password

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    I recently registered and created a few blogs, all went well.

    Then I wanted to register a second user for a different set of blogs, but was unable to due to the auto login on Safari. So I started FireFox and set up a new account from there, confirmed everything, then quit FireFox.

    Now I cannot log into that account at all, and when I try to recover password it says that the user name/email address is not found?!?!? Yet if I check to see if the blog address itself is available, it says it’s in use. It’s almost like it’s stuck in some in between state where it’s reserved my blog/user name address, but hasn’t linked this to my password or email.

    Can anyone help me get this sorted?



    Please contact us via about this, and let us know what username you registered for.

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