Registered Users Can’t Comment Using IE6

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    I have reports from registered users of my blog who use IE6 — they have Avatars and everything — who tell me when they try to login and post a comment while I have “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” turned on in my Admin panel that they are unable to post a comment.

    Here’s what one user said to me in email — username is deleted for privacy:


    “I keep seeing the ‘you must be logged in to post’ message, yet I’m logged in to Clicking on the link doesn’t help. It takes me to the wordpress login area, but always says welcome back XXXXXX [deleted for privacy] – so I am logged in.


    That user told me support said the problem was with IE6 and to not user that browser.

    Are you seeing anything like that on your site where IE6 users can’t post a comment if you require them to be logged in first?

    I know we hate IE6, but some businesses still require their employees to use it and I hate losing comments because of a browser some readers are forced to use because of work or economic circumstance.

    Can you test this on your blog to see if you can confirm this?


    I’m wondering if this issue has been resolved or not.



    I am noticing today that I cannot comment on a WP blog even though I am logged in and when it prompts me it refuses claiming I have the wrong user name – hard even for me to screw up “Neath”, heh heh.



    Send a message to Support, and do it before it closes in a half-hour.



    No word if this is solved or not. I’ll re-mark it as a support question now since Matt is professing his love of IE7 on his blog today:

    Perhaps that love will shine down on our users stuck with IE6 as well.

    EDITED TO ADD: I’ve turned off “you must be logged in to comment” for now to help those IE6 users.



    Not to mention that he also mentions that roughly 25% of all visits come from IE 6 to blogs ;)




    Excellent point, Trent!

    I know IE6 is “old” technology compared to IE7, but a lot of people — especially those at universities and colleges with locked-down computer labs — don’t have a choice to “Browse Happy” and pick a browser other than IE6.

    I don’t think we should punish people for choices they cannot make on their own and to do so can sometimes feel a little elitist and exclusionary.

    I don’t want to rehash Wank’s fascinating conversation on her blog here — but the matter is made so much more interesting based on Matt’s IE7 love expressed today.

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