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Registering a deleted blog

  1. Hey
    I think you guys will wana kill me.
    I haven't read the part about changing ownership in the email, before I clicked "Yes! I wana delete this blog"
    I did this cause I wanted to transfer the ownership from one WP user to another.

    So what can I do now?
    I have deleted a blog, and when trying to register it now, wp is telling me that this blog's name is already been used.

    What can I do?

  2. I would suggest contact support at

  3. Probably not very much as you have permanently deleted the blog. Volunteers here won't be able to help but it is always worth getting in touch with the support staff just in case anything can be done.

  4. Until March 1st, the contact form will not work unless you have a paid upgrade. And in any case, I've always seen staff repeat the same thing: sorry, but addresses are not recycled (even for you) and your options are either to register a new address or to buy a domain name plus domain mapping option.

  5. Holy Batman! Thanks Airodyssey, I had no clue.

  6. No prob, bats. There was no announcement on these forums so who can blame you? :-)

  7. hey airodyssey. Thank you
    I feel so stupid. I should have read the P.S. notes in the deletion confirmation page.
    Now my options are buying a domain, or going to google sites (which I prefer less).

    there reasons for not activating a domain r very reasonable. I didint find the place they talk about "even for me" but i guess i lost my right to speak with them the moment i clicked the "I agree"

    Note to self - please, next time, read what you signing on.

  8. Sorry- This was from my other user. The Trashy one :)

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