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Registering a domain, GoDaddy?

  1. Hi, I'm new and this is my first post. All I want to do is register a domain and point it to my blog. I don't want to host my own blog. I was seriously going to go with GoDaddy because of it's price and because I can register privately. But now I'm hesitant because of the negative stories I've read on this forum, like how GoDaddy holds your site hostage after being "JoeJobbed".

    I'm new to this but if I'm just registering a domain at GoDaddy and not hosting there, should I be concerned with "JoeJobbing"?

    Do you recommend other sites where I can register a domain?

    Please forgive my "noobishness".

    Thanks for the help.

  2. I'd recommend you I've registered my domains with them for the last 6 years and all I can say is that they're good.

  3. I've used GoDaddy, only because someone recommended it to me a couple of years ago. Haven't had any problems, but I probably wouldn't go with them if I were doing it over again. (Now, it's easier just to keep everything together there since I've registered a number of domains.) It's a big, cluttered site with way too many things going on. I'm sure others are better choices.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. vs GoDaddy is a pretty large price difference. Can anybody help me with my first question? Assistance with that question would probably help me with my choice.

    Thanks again.

  5. I would just pay the $15 over $10 and let wordpress deal with it. $5 extra for the cost of the domain is pretty cheap. is one of the rolls-royces of the domain business. Their prices are not cheap.

    GoDaddy is known for not following the RFCs that govern the internet.

    It's up to your really. I would just pay the extra 5 bucks and let wp deal with it.

  6. I would love to register with wp, but unless things have changed recently I've read wp does not offer private registration. I don't want my personal info on "whois". Any clues on when or if this will be available?


  7. Gotta admit that I actually hope never. It's actually against the RFCs to publish incorrect information and that's what making a record private is in my opinion.

    It's my understanding that you can modify the record afterwards. I believe they use TUCOWS and you get access to it. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and ask them. I know that there was an issue with moving domains off of at the beginning but I believe that got fixed. You would have to have access to the record to make nameserver changes.

    Get a POBox or PMB. I actually use the address of one of the local homeless shelters that I help out with for my personal stuff and a PMB for my corporate stuff.

    Hope this helps,

  8. It's not possible to be truly anonymous online unless you do things like use public computers, hide your IP address, mask post/edit times, and use throw away blogs/email addresses. That is too impractical for the average person who has nothing to hide, just things they would like to keep private.
    Consider that spammers, sploggers and child pornographers don't want their personal info on "whois" and they know all the above techiques for flying under the radar. IMO any system that creates a BS identity ought to be illegal because it only provides safe harbour for the likes of these lower life forms. That's why I'm glad drmike posted the RFC link above.
    You may like to read this

  9. Thanks for the help and insight guys.

  10. You're welcome and I'm a girl. :)

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