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registering a domain name

  1. I am trying to register a domain name I paid the $13.00, but it seems that is to map the name to the site, not to actually register it. How do i register it? It is still available on
    Dena Hudey

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress.COM can't register a .ca domain name - you need to register it with another registrar such as Godaddy, Name Cheap, network Solutions etc.

    Once your domain name is registered you can domain map it using the instructions below

  3. @auxclass
    I'm thinking I ought to suggest to Staff that they ought to create a sub-forum that strictly for domain issues. What say you?

  4. @TT - that makes sense to me also - today is a pile of domain issues - and many times staff help is needed so it would make it easier to find the requests - also it would make it easier for people to see what the domain issues have been - many are the same issues just different day and that might result in less posts if they could see issues that have been solved

  5. @auxclass
    Okay. If I post an Ideas thread it will likely sink like stone and go unoticed so I'm tagging this thread instead.

    Will you please consider creating a sub-forum strictly for domain issues?

  6. Hi Dena - as auxclass explained, we aren't able to register a .ca domain - feel free to register it through GoDaddy or another registrar, and then complete the mapping process through the upgrade you already purchased.

    If you need further help, just let us know.

  7. timethief & auxclass - thanks for the suggestion about a separate sub-forum for domain issues. I will bring this to the team for consideration.

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