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    Hi there,

    So I’ve decided to register a domain but am running into an error.

    I use the name “Patty Dixon” on my wordpress blog.
    I wanted to register the name alone as the domain but receive the error that I can’t use the host name in my domain.

    I’m not techno saavy (at. all) so this is all new and intimidating for me.

    My question:
    1) Because I used that name when I registered my blog, will it not be available as my domain? Is there a work around?
    2) IF not, can I start another blog with a different name and just register my name then?
    3) Any other suggestion?

    Thanks much for any input!

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you trying to use a space between your first and last name? Spaces cannot be used in domain names. The domain name would have to be


    If the domain name is available (not taken by someone else) then you can register it and map it to any blog here. The original name or URL of the blog here will not have any effect on that.



    Yea, I just tried that and still received the same error.

    “That hostname cannot be added to this blog.”

    So instead of ‘’, I’m trying to buy ‘’

    It’s very perplexing to me.


    That domain name appears to be available from what I can see so you should be able to purchase it. Read through the following support document.

    If that doesn’t shed any light or get the name registered, then you need to contact staff directly at . Search for anything at all on that page and then scroll to the bottom and click the “no” button and the contact form will appear.



    Okay, will do. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!


    You are welcome and best of luck.

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