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    Although “adding a domain” seems to be working again (see, registering a domain is still unavailable.

    I would be happy to register my domain through another registrar, but I don’t really want to have to pay twice.

    I thought that with I could either (a) register a new domain for my blog for $15 or (b) use an existing domain for $10. Is this still the case?

    If it is, and I registered through another domain registrar, I would have to pay the $15 there to register and then the $10 at to use it on my blog.

    Hence, I’m anxiously waiting for the domain registration to return to life–or for someone to tell me that I’m missing something on the domain fee structure



    Please send in a feedback directly to staff or an email to support @ this domain to get an answer to your questions.



    Thanks – I’ve written to them although I haven’t heard anything back about when the feature will be restored.



    There are 500 thousand wordpress bloggers now. Staff will have made a support ticket from your feedback request and will get to you as soon as they can. We volunteers on the forum cannot help you and that’s why I suggested using a feedback or an email.



    Timethief –

    Although I know that volunteers cannot make the registration service return, I thought that you might be able to answer my question about the cost-effectiveness of registering a domain through

    I didn’t get an answer from the support folks on this, but I’m trying to determine if I should wait for the WordPress domain registration feature to work again or if I should just go ahead and register on my own (since the transfer feature IS working).

    The only reason I ask is because I read on the forums that the transfers cost $10 but a full registration is only $5 more. Thus, it would be cheaper to register through ($15) than on my own ($15 for the domain, $10 for the transfer).

    Is this indeed the case?



    Is this still an issue by the way? I would be happy to send in a Feedback myself to see if we could “light a fire” if needed.

    If you have your own domain, you don’t need to transfer it wo All you do is repoint the nameservers to use’s ones. (ie ns1 and No domain transfer is needed and all you would have to pay is the $10 for the hosting the domain.

    Just for reference, the $5 for the domain (ie the difference between just hosting the domain at $10 and hosting and the purchase of the domain) is very cheap. Even I can’t do it for that cheap for my own clients. (Well, I could if I wanted to if I never wanted to break even…)

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