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    I have spent decades writing custom web-based apps as a consultant to large corporations. However, this is my first foray into using a web application I didn’t write myself. So, this may seem like a newbie question:

    I want to distinguish between mere readers and members, with users having to register to create a membership account, and then be logged into their membership account in order to comment. I will probably want to confine registration information to a username, password, and valid email. So, this is two questions.

    1. Can I manage a members list on software – especially one that allows members to add a personal profile and a gravitar?

    2, Is there a widget or some other way to implement an automatic email to their provided email address, sending them a confirmation email with a link they must click to complete registration?

    If either of these functions are available only through selected themes, rather that being available to all or none, could somebody suggest some good two-column themes that support this? Three-column themes are also acceptable.

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    The blog I need help with is



    1) not really, no. What you’re talking about is easy at with some plugins, but this is not the way is set up.



    Thanks. I have cancelled my .com account and created a .org installation on an external webhost. is no more. Luckily it was within the 2-day money-back period for upgrades. and its wide selection of plugins gives me everything I need for now. And, if I should need something not provided, I do have over 25 years working with HTML, CSS, JS, and a bunch of other web presentation tools as a senior software development consultant. It would be nice, in fact, to muck about in the HTML and CSS for my own benefit, instead of just for clients.

    Thanks, raincoaster, for the advice.


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