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Registering Domain

  1. I want to use a domain which doesn't appear to be in use, but the site won't allow me to register it.

  2. What sort of error are you getting? What domain are you trying to use?

  3. Trying to use When I go to this URL it brings me to a (seemingly) unused WordPress page; however, when I try to register the domain it won't allow me to.

  4. If you are seeing a domain point you to a website, even if it looks unused, that means that it has been registered by someone. If a domain has not been registered, you will see an error message that looks something like this:

  5. If that person is clearly not using the domain is there any way to get in touch with them about possibly using it myself?


  6. You could try leaving a comment on their site if there is anywhere to do so. You could also try contacting them through their registration WHOIS info:

  7. I followed this link but am having a hard time making sense of the results. Could you possibly direct me to the email address or phone number I should use to contact that owner of this domain?


  8. I cannot provide personal information for users.

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