Registering Domain Name (WP) Question

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    I am planning on registering and mapping ($15) a domain name with WordPress. After selecting an available domain name, I am promted for my contact information such as name, address, and phone.

    Will WordPress or the registrar be mailing or calling me about anything, such as a bill? I don’t want anyone to know that I am buyding this domain. I live with others and don’t want them to get my mail.

    Also, I just pay another $10 for subsequent years, right, to continue with my domain name?




    #1 – No one contacted me. I believe the information is for whois. I paid with PayPal and it was a snap. If you use PayPal and if anyone else has access to that bank or credit card statement, it will appear. Be quick with the mail!

    #2 – That’s my understanding. I hope someone will jump in and correct me if that’s wrong.



    Just to ask another question about this, Is it worth having your own
    domain name,what are the advantages,and does that mess up any status one might have with

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