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Registering Domain with WordPress

  1. I understand that WP is currently not accepting transferred registrar from another site, my current domain registrar is about to expire next month. If I let it expire would I then be able to Register my domain with WordPress? Right now my domain is mapped to wordpress but I would like WP to be my registrar as well. Thank you in advance for any help provided :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't recommend doing that because when you allow any domain to expire it belongs to the registrar and they can do whatever they wish to do with it. Assuming it will offered fr sale again immediately or even at all is not sensible because they do have to make it available. They can set any redemption fee they wish to set, they can choose not sell the domain, they can auction it off to a domain squatter and do understand that domain name squatting is big business.

  3. because they do have to make it available. = because they do NOT have to make it available.

  4. my website is my first and last name which is a rare name/spelling and hard for someone else to want it but I was not aware of everything else where they can choose to keep it and not sell it etc... and yes, they have an $80 fee if I want to renew after it expires :-/

    Thank you so much for your reply... guess I'll renew it and wait to see if WP will allow transfers in the future.

    thanks again!!

  5. You're welcome and best wishes.

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