registering new domain on wordpress

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    Obtained hosting and new domain name from “hostgator”.
    Followed instructions from them and activated wordpress icon.
    Filled in all boxes.
    Waited required time, pressed for acceptance, asking for user name and password from that same page, but does not allow access. Error in password.
    The password is a 16 figure assortment of lower and higher case as well as numbers.
    Wordpress does not acknowledge the new domain name
    Any helpers…please.

    The blog I need help with is



    Rossi again…from previous post.
    May I make it clear that I am not trying to attach this new domain to my blog which is
    I want to run the new domain separately from this one.



    You have to attach a custom domain to a pre-existing domain. What blog are you trying to attach the domain name to?



    I think domain needs some time to propagate.
    Remember to update the DNS also to match the one with WordPress.



    Ideally, I wanted to attach it to my existing wordpress blog,
    I followed a tutorial which bypassed this, leading onto a new path for opening a new wordpress blog, supposedly customising new pages.
    Is it possible to retrieve my new domain name,, (which I suspect is somewhere in the ether of wordpress waiting an activation)?
    And,if so, is it easy to apply the new domain name to my existing and original blog…

    Thanks again for your time.

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