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    I have 3 issues that drive me crazy. I am very new to this but I have read as much as I could the support pages but didn’t find anything. so…

    1) I would like to know how i can have several pages with possible sub-pages in them and be able to post in these pages and NOT only in my main page

    2) I would like to know if there is a way to ask guests to register to my blog. I am using a blog that is NOT attached to any websites etc. no downloads and stuff

    3) I have an issue with my emails. I see one email in my personal settings and another one in my profile. why is that? when i try to put one in both it tells me that “it is already in use”

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    1) not possible at That’s the short answer, but there is a longer, somewhat more complicated one if you’re interested, and it has more possibilities.

    2) yes. Set the blog to Private. Of course, it means they won’t be able to stumble across it on the web, but they WILL have to register in order to read it.

    3) emails are always a bit tricky at I suspect you registered a Gravatar or OpenID with one email and the blog with the other, and that’s why you’ve got the disparity. Try changing the email at or


    1) are you maybe talking about custom menus and/or categories?

    2) thanks for the info but i am not sure it is the answer to what i need. see, my problem is not that i don’t want them to read if they don’t register, it is their choice. BUT what i want is the CHOICE for people to register! I know there is a widget for the people that have downloaded wordpress and host it on their website. I didn’t do that and I have the self-hosted easy version that most people have. is there still such a choice?

    3) hm , i will try that!



    1) Yes.

    2) then what you want is not possible at

    3) Good luck!


    1) i think then i will do the simple thing of putting every one of my posts into a category and just put the widget that shows categories on the sidebar and use it as “pages”

    2) i was afraid so… but it DOES exist for the ones that use wordpress on another website? why is that? by the way i just found a widget inside wordpress called subscription where a guest puts his email in there and gets something like a newsletter. actually all new posts in his email. would this be the same?

    3) i did it and 99% it fixed!



    2) there are things that can be done on WordPress.ORG installs that can’t be done on WordPress.COM, many of the differences are security and reliability issues. If you use a Plug-in and it is a bad one, your bad Plug-in could take down thousands of other blogs not just yours.

    Subscriptions just mean that someone gets an email when you do a new Post – they just click on the tab and fill in their email and that is all they need to do – an email is sent to them and they need to confirm that they really did ask for a email from your site.


    thank you for the answers

    2) i understand that and of course they should do something to prevent it. What i do not understand is since there are so many feature, why couldn’t this one also exist :(
    Is there an easy way I could put my wordpress in a website for free? I mean there are some flash websites out there (wix etc) but i suppose that is not enough, huh?

    It is not a bad thing to know how many people liked your posts and subscribed. you see somewhere the total number or their emails right?


    I have another question too.

    Is it possible to have Rss feeds from other blogs popping to my blog as posts? It happens for sure in other blogs/websites and I would like to know if it can happen at wordpress



    2) It’s very obviously the kind of feature they’d charge for. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they did put it in, but it will cost you.

    and as to your last question, that’s absolutely not possible. In fact, it’s a violation of the terms of service. is for original blog posts, not blog scraping, even if you have the bloggers’ permission.


    still, it sounds a little weird, since you can have the actual feed at your sidebar, why not to have it in the posts… anyway,

    any way to create my own theme instead of using a ready one? I don’t want to make one with html etc etc just if it is possible to place the things where i want, the sidebars, the headers etc



    No, there is no way, even with the paid CSS upgrade and the Custom Design upgrade, to create your own theme.

    If you know CSS editing well, however, it’s possible to completely transform the look of the themes here with the paid upgrade. If you don’t know it already, don’t buy the upgrade.


    so there is no easy way to just add a left sidebar i want huh? pity….


    Choose a different theme that is structured the way you want it with a left sidebar, right sidebar, or both.

    And as far as creating your own theme, even if you were to self-host a wordpress site at a third-party hosting service, all wordpress themes are written in PHP script, not in HTML, so they are several levels higher on the “geek” difficulty scale.

    As far as moving element around in a theme, most all that can be done with CSS, but in most cases it takes a pretty good level of experience to do some of that since in some cases you are moving things out of their parent elements, and that can sometimes open up cans of worms. Sometimes you can get the worms back into the can and sometimes you cannot.


    thank you for the replies…

    I tried many other themes but unfortunately no other is as close to my preferences as the one i have now. my only big problem is that I wanted a left sidebar too but the couple of themes that have that make the posting area too small


    Anyone knows about that subscriptions thingy? I subscribed to my blog and i can see me at “my subscriptions”, my wife did too, but I cannot see her. any ideas?


    I will go crazy! I am sure I have see a poll widget, but now it is nowhere!!! what is happening?


    There isn’t a poll widget, but you can put a polldaddy pole shortcode into a text widget.


    i tried it and it doesn’t work! I am pasting the code in a text widget and all i get is text with a link to polldaddy and my poll! I want it on the sidebar :(

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