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Registration problem (Activation)

  1. Hello there,
    I tried to register with yesterday, but all I got was a blank page after I clicked on "register" button.
    Today, i tried to register again, but it says the username (which i used to register yesterday) is allready taken. I tried to use "forgot my password" but it says that the username does not exist!
    I did not recieve any confirmation e-mail or activation e-mail. Can you please send the activation to me so i can continue to register with the same username? The username which I used (username): mobilguru.
    the e-mail address which I used to register is:
    Once i used: (atat)gmail dotcom
    Once I used: nicholas.a.k (atat) gmaildotcom

  2. It's always good to at least skim the front page of the forums before posting as your question may have already been discussed with a response.

    Best bet would be to send in an email from the account to support at this domain. None of us here have acess to teh backend and this is a matter best handled by staff directly.

  3. I tried at the first place to send a support request, but it says that I have to use a blog name which is on wordpress. It says also if it is about something else than wordpress blogs, i have to send a post on I did it and they replied that I have to send a post in this forum ( forum). I did it and now you are telling me to use the support request form. May I ask what blog should I wite in the "address" field?

  4. It is so frustrating!
    I am all new to wordpress, came to register and test wordpress while I have a blog with blogger, and eventually move my blogger blog to wordpress, and tried to register, got problems with registration, went to, they sent me to this forum, you sent me to support request page, I wrote to them, no answer after two days and now sitting here and thinking "Do I have to move? with all this frustrating and customer-no-care problems?".
    Thanks anyway!

  5. This may be a silly question, but have you checked your junk mail file to see if your confirmation email went there? Quite frankly, it usually does.

  6. "but all I got was a blank page after I clicked on "register" button": This means there was a problem with the registration process that night. So no, there isn't any in my spam folder. As I wrote before, trying to sign up says: "the user name is already taken" but forgot my password says: "there is no such a user name"! This also shows that there was a problem with that blank page.
    I do not want to use other user name than that one I chose that night if I one day register to wordpress again.
    Thanks for tip anyway, but the problem lays somewhere else, where there is no body to answer and fix the problem. I wonder is they just deleted my support request without even open it :-(

  7. The fact that there are other problems doesn't mean the solution won't work. Try it. As long as something out there says the username exists, it's probable that the email got sent.

  8. I wrote that "So no, there isn't any in my spam folder." That means i checked it. There isn't any.
    Thanks for tip but it didn't help.

  9. It was worth a shot. From your answer it wasn't clear whether you were reporting something you'd checked or drawing a conclusion based on presuppositions.

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