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    I have a friend that is a regular commenter on my blog, but for the last several weeks she cannot comment at all. It will not permit her to enter a comment. A long time back she went into my spam from time to time, but has not for a long time and now cannot comment at all.

    Can anyone help?
    Jul 15, 2011, 11:00 PM
    Hi Cindy,

    I presume other readers are able to post comments? Does your friend have a account, and is logged in when she tries to post comments? Or is she logging via Twitter or Facebook through the comment form?
    She is logged in, but does not have a WP account.

    Does your blog require commenters to be logged in before they can post comments in the “Discussion” area of your Dashboard?
    Yes, it does.
    Is the post she’s trying to comment on older, and the comments possibly closed already? Are comments allowed on the post that she’s trying to comment on? Trying to eliminate the simple stuff…
    My comments don’t close.
    It’s possible the IP address of your friend’s computer is flagged as a spammer by Akismet, and is blocked because of it. Does she have access to a different computer outside of where she’s trying to comment from to try again?
    She was able to leave a post until recently.
    If you could provide a link to your blog or the post itself, it would be helpful to look at.
    It is anything I post on my blog She cannot comment on any post.

    Please help, I have a suspicion this may be why my comments have dropped off on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is


    Have your friend clear her browser cache and cookies, restart her browser and then try again. WordPress uses cookies to identify returning commenters and they will then fill in the name, email address and website fields for them. If the cookie has gotten corrupted it can cause this issue.

    If akismet was catching her, then she would be able to comment, it is just that the comment would immediately go into the spam folder in your dashboard.


    I just left two test comments that are awaiting moderation, one while logged into wordpress, and one while logged out of wordpress.


    I received both of the test comments and did delete them. I will have her try the cache thing. I do know in the past her comments occassionally went to spam and I had to approve them, so think she may have gotten inadvertently marked as spam.

    I will update after she tries the cache cleaning.


    This is what she found:

    I tried 2 different browsers and did all the other stuff. I clear all that stuff every time I log out but I did it again anyway.

    I can comment if I go to the blog home page and see all the posts listed. There is an active comment link next to each post title.

    If I go to the post from my reader or if I click on an individual post to display, I cannot comment.

    Any idea why?


    And she, like I, use the Google reader for blogs.



    Unfortunately, we don’t have control over Google Reader, so if it’s working perfectly on the blog itself, there’s probably nothing that we can do.

    Just to clarify, she clicks the post link from Google Reader, goes directly to the post, and cannot comment, but if she visits the blog outside of Reader, she can?

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