Regular commenters getting a log in error message.

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    Some of my regular commenters are telling me they are getting a “User Must be Registered and Logged in to Comment” message on my blog. In Settings: Discussion, that box is NOT checked as a requirement for commenting, so unchecking it will not help them be able to comment.

    Even worse, when they try to log in, they cannot. They just get placed in a circle of trying and failing. This is happening to more than one commenter.

    This problem started cropping up in the past few days, though I have done nothing to change my discussion settings. Is there some other issue with WordPress, or some other place I can go in my settings to resolve this issue? I have many loyal, regular commenters who will stop trying if I can’t fix this for them.

    Thank you for your help.



    Hi Andra,

    There’s been a change to WordPress’s commenting policy which you can read here:

    If your commenters are using an email address that was ever associated with either a WordPress or Gravatar account, they must now log in to WordPress or Gravatar in order to comment.

    Ways around this are: if they use a different email address that has never been associated with a WordPress/Gravatar account, or if you enable anonymous commenting where users do not have to leave an email at all (you should decide for yourself if you want to do this, of course — I allow it on my blog, but it’s not for everyone).

    There’s a looong discussion about these changes (and all of the bugs that came along with them) in this thread here:

    Hope that helps!

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