Regular commenters getting shut out

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    In the last little while my comments have plunged and a couple of regular readers have complained that they can’t comment anymore without logging in under a wordpress account.

    Does anyone know why that is happening?

    In my comment settings I do not have the box checked for: Users must be registered and logged in to comment

    I moderate, but only for first-timers.

    The blog I need help with is


    It all started with Matt Cutts from Google as I understand it. Someone got hold of his email address and started impersonating him on All Matts stick together, so AutoMATTic tossed a comment grenade out and now anyone that is trying to comment using an email address associated with either a Gravatar or wordpress.COM account has to log in to prove they belong to that email address.

    I have several friends who cannot comment even logging in. It won’t take their passwords and they have multiple times tried to get a new password and it never shows up (and yes they are checking their spam filters at their ISP. They’ve resorted to putting in a bogus gmail email address when they comment.

    What you can do is to go to settings > discussion and set your site so people do NOT have to enter a name or email address and then tell people to simply not enter an email address and they should be able to comment.


    I should have went to be a while ago as I didn’t finish part of what I wrote.

    I have some friends – blogging acquaintances actually – that log in, go to a .COM site to comment, see the admin bar at the top and everything, and when they try to comment it tells them they need to log in even though they are logged in. They have cookies enabled and have cleared cookies and cache, but no joy.

    Some are also reporting that even though they should be able to log in with their gravatar email address and password to comment, they cannot. It says the email address doesn’t exist or something like that or says the password is wrong.


    I’m also having commenters with these problems. The latest is that they manage to get a comment to go through, but their gravatar picture does not show up.

    Thank you for passing on the reason this whole “signing in thing” got started. It helps to know that it just wasn’t some random thing someone thought was a good idea.

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