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    I do not have comment moderation active and I have the default number (2) selected for post links to go to moderation. This has always been this way. Since 2.7 started, I have had regular posters ending up in the moderation que. Has anybody else experienced this?



    I had one comment sent to moderation which is kind bad since they had a really good comment that could have set off more chain of comments, anyways its wasn’t from a regular commentor. This happens from time to time even before wordpress changed, my blogger friend was having issues with regular commentors getting moderated, I even thought he didn’t like me after my comment was moderated, anyways he said he contacted support and they fixed it, so maybe you should contact support if its that bad. Sorry for the long comment but the longer my comment means the longer I put off studying.



    This keeps happening to me, 40cplmav04! I have comment moderation for post links turned on to 1 and for the past few weeks, even comments without links have been held in pending. I’m beginning to suspect it might have to do with emoticons.


    I have about 8 or 10 individual commentators on moderation. Recently, after the software upgrade, one or two of my regular visitors had their remarks hung up in moderation too. It hasn’t happened this week, however.


    Spammers change tactics all the time and Akismet, the spam filter, has to be modified continuously to keep up with them. Unfortunately this happens from time to time where legitimate commenters will end up getting caught by one of the changes they made in Akismet. Look in your spam filters and despam any legitimate comments and Akismet will learn. It may take a few times, but it will learn. For those who are getting caught, have the bloggers despam you if you can contact them by a contact form or email. You can also go to and give them all the details including your email address and WP username and they should be able to fix it for you.



    Thanks thesacredpath, but it’s not going into the spam queue. It’s being held up for moderation.


    All I can suggest is to go to settings > discussion and review the settings there. Also, have the regular posters been including 2 or more links in their comments lately?



    Nope, nothing new from them at all. Every so often someone leaves a link in the comments but it’s usually to news sites like the NYT or Guardian, nothing that can even remotely be considered spam. I think it might be connected to the use of emoticons – have any of the others on this board felt that way? I’ve fiddled with all the settings, turned things off and on, before I came here. Things have been ok for the past 9 comments left on the blog but none of them have used emoticons. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Thanks for your help.


    The system doesn’t look at the content of the links just at the number of links. At this point, my only suggestion is to contact staff. http://support/



    having the same problem here but waiting patiently for it to be resolved. :)



    I having the same problem with abitual poster, these comments go in moderation queue but there isn’t any link and i don’t have moderation queue active!



    Looking into this. So far haven’t been able to reproduce it. If you are having this problem, can you send in a support request with a few examples of comments that were held in moderation? Thanks!




    Found the problem. Should be fixed.



    My regular commenters are continuing to go into comment moderation. No rhyme or reason. No links in their comments(I don’t allow it and they know it), not excessively long, no emoticons. They could post 3 comments in one day and one comment, seemingly innocuous, will go into the moderation queue. I simply can’t figure it out.

    I’m starting a new job on the 5th and will not be able to release the comments during the day.

    Is there any way to preapprove people (IPs? emails?) to be able to post unrestricted? I know that it’s going to be a big mess come the 5th.


    It’s still happening at my blog too. Regular commenters’ remarks are sometimes getting moderated, other times not. And it’s not because they have links in their comments. It’s a very intermittent thing, which probably makes debugging difficult.



    I just had someone contact me via email to say they left a comment. Nothing in moderation, but when I looked in the spam filter, there it was along with 5 other real comments. No comments have been getting through since December 18.

    I have comments RSS on my Google reader, so it’s easy to detect and delete the occasional spam that gets through. But going into the spam filter several times a day just to see if there might be one comment is a bit much.

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