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Regulars cannot access blog

  1. Several of my regular readers have been unable to access my blog. One notified me that this has been going on for ten days! Is there an issue with certain browsers or is this part of the ongoing server problems? Thank you for your time.

  2. Same with me,several people are geting a 404 error

  3. Apparently it's anyone who uses IE. Now, I'm a fellow IE basher, but not having the overwhelming majority of PC Owner beig able to view the site (if in fact it is IE and not a coincidence) is a bit of a disaster.

    Thanks for any clarification!

    Otherwise I'm loving WP - it's just the last 7-10 days have been a bit bumpy to say the least :D

  4. Could you let us know if this is still an issue? We've fixed some IE related bugs and it may have cured this.

  5. As far as I can tell, I think the problem is sorted out. One of my readers was using netscape. (Yeah, I know it's their own fault then!) They've since told me that they were back with the programme so thanks for that.

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