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    Hello, I am working on my own site now (, really just playing around with different things to learn a little more CSS and also make it pretty —

    I changed the color of the page navigation for the pages I one is not in under this section:

    ul#nav li a {

    I changed the background and text color easily here. It seemed then, that the color for the tab that is highlighed, or the page one is viewing, would be a few lines down under:

    ul#nav .current_page_item a,ul#nav .current_page_item a:hover {

    and while I can change the text color on that one just as I could in the first part, the “background” color won’t change. Anyone know much about regulus, or suggest somewhere else I might have to dig for this?



    This is something that I was battling myself and not quite understanding! Found out this about Regulas, the color of the current page in the navigation, the search form and a part of the top of the calendar and the highlighted date are controlled by the ‘Current Theme Options’ under Presentation and can’t seem to be overwritten with CSS. Believe me, I have tried and tried. It loads what I have in the CSS and then is overwritten by what is in those options. You have to deal with this because unless they change the theme, it just won’t let you change it!

    Try it out yourself! If you change to the pink, orange, blue, green or white, it changes that portion in your site. That is why with, I have decided on the white as it at least ‘kinda’ blends in versus the other colors!

    Hope that helps!




    Huh — wow, well, I feel somewhat better knowing that I tried most of the things that seemed logical, with my limited knowledge of CSS, and it’s actually not something I was missing…. thanks for the info Trent.



    the color option in regulus are handled by a class on the body, e.g.,, etc.

    in your case, it’s body.blend. if you include that in your CSS selector, you should be able to be more specific than the default:

    body.blend ul#nav li.current_page_item a,ul#nav li.current_page_item a:hover { }



    That is excellent Adam! I was wondering if I was ever going to get that fixed up!



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