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    I see that the Regulus 2 theme has been updated and it can use sidebar widgets now. It is very nice and I really appreciated the hard work.

    One problem I see since the upgrade though, is that text that wraps around an image cannot have horizontal space (the hspace attribute of the img tag) anymore. Can this be fixed, and if not, are there ways to get around it?

    Also, is there a way to use monospaced fonts inside the blog post? (Again, with Regulus 2 theme) None of the blockquote/code/pre tags work. It makes putting sample code or etc on the blog a little difficult.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



    I too, was wondering about the hspace tag, as it no longer does anything. However the blockquote works on our blog though. The side bar however doesn’t split into two columns anymore after this new update how come?

    And of course the already mentioned the sidebar widgets with no config functionality, but that’s been worked on as we speak, I hope.



    My calendar’s last column (saturday) is missing. There is a little blue point in the right side of it, that’s making the diference in the horizontal space. In the Preview’s page, in “Write Posts”, it appears correctly. Can this be fixed? (I’m using Firefox). Thanks.



    yea the regulus theme has some problems despite the latest improved version as discussed in this other thread. some have suggested me to send in a feedback for the problems, maybe you should too if your problem occurs again.



    I submitted a feedback yesterday and just now I notice the <pre> tag and hspace attribute work again. Thanks for fixing these.

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