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Regulus 2.1.1 issues (noob)

  1. I did "create free blog on wordpress"
    no fancy hosting.

    I try to put this picture as a banner/headder thing:
    dosnt work, just comes up blank.

    secondly, I creat "bookmarks" for the links widget to show up on the left of my page (next to links info), dosnt work.

    i'd give more info, but i dont know anything about wordpress or any other computer realted stuff.

    here is the link to blog so you can see

  2. issue one was adressed apon opening my eyes and seeing the post thread above.

    however the links probalem is till present. when i manage my bookmarks, there is NO way that I can assign them to catagories or anything. Iv tried 8-10 times.

  3. By the sounds of it, assigning links to categories is broken at the moment. The 'Bookmarks' function is unfinished code in testing for the next official release of wordpress, so glitches are to be expected.

  4. The links to categories has been okay for some, not so okay for others. Send in a feedback and I'll get that sorted for you.

  5. This was covered another thread. It's the space within the file name that's causing the issue. It's being changed to a %20 since you can't have spaces in a URL and either Regulus or WP is stripping out the percent sign.

    There's also a checklist to double check your bookmarks to make sure if they are set up correctly.

    Um, by the way, I'd call this a possible splog as it looks like it's just set up to point off site to a poker forum. :)

  6. Heh, I tend to see the word 'poker' and automatically think 'spam' too. I know it's not fair on people who like poker and just want to blog about it, but that's the way the spammers have made things.

  7. Actually the issue is that it points off site to another website. That could be considered a link farm which is normally considered by free services as a spam site.

    *shrug* It's a staff call. Donncha and I have had a couple of disagreements on whats a spam site in the past.

  8. so, I can only have links to sites that are within wordpress?
    Because my blogroll, or link section planns to have 7-10 links all of which would lead to non-wordpress site like etc...

    btw I dont plan on spamming. My site will eventuallt be a strategy site, and the links i want to include are for strategy purposes.

    I can understand ppl thinking poker=spam b/c im part of a forum and deal w/ lots of spam there.

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