regulus administrator’s options missing when signed in

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    One of the conveniences of the regulus theme is being able to check the box to allow administrator’s options to be shown on the front of the blog when signed in. Unfortunately mine have disappeared from the front page. Can you enlighten me as to why and how to restore them please?



    do they appear following this link?



    No. They used to be there and now they are gone. Moreover they also used to be on my third blog also a regulus theme at http://islandeaglewatch.wordpress but they have also disappeared from there too. I sure hope this is not another situation like the disappearing and re-appearing widgets one. I’m just not in the mood and will develop an instant migraine headache if this is a repeat performance [she said with a grimace while flipping her hair off her forehead]. Perhaps I caused this myself by completing that little “about” box that appeared in the sidebar. I did so because I was so eager to sound more open and appealing. If so [said she with a snarl] I can wipe them clean and become an ice queen but that’s not what blogging is about. Please advise.



    I thought I read on the Binary Moon site that the admin stuff had been removed because it was causing some confusion but I can’t locate the post right now.



    I remember something like that as well. You can either add in the Meta widget (which look slike what you did) or create a text widget with the links that you need.



    I like the Admin options. It only shows up if you are logged in as an Admin right? So how can that cause confusion? Using a text widget with a link would more likely to cause users confusion unless you put “DO NOT CLICK HERE”.

    Anyways if it is removed by Binary Moon, how come the option to select it can still be found in “Presentation/Current Theme Options”?

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