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regulus - categories - showing numbers of posts in categories

  1. I have two blogs both now in the regulus theme. The first one went through a transformation. I noticed two days ago that the categories are now followed by another line indicating the number of posts in each category. I consider this to be a good feature. However, I do have a suggestion to make but because I'm not a coder it may not prove to be feasible.

    (1) If the number of posts in each category either preceeded or immediately followed the category name on the same line, then the space required in the sidebar would be cut in half. Currently the numbers are the only thing appearing on a line below each category so this seems to a non geek like me to be a waste of space.

    (2)My second blog also in regulus theme is but I noticed that categories there did not go through the transformation as my other blog and they do not currently reflect the numbers of posts in each one. Why not?

    [link fixed - drmike]

  2. 1 - That's actually strange that it does that. I just tried it on my blog and there's nothing between the category tag and the count. It shouldn't be doing that unless I'm missing something in the CSS.

    <li><a href="" title="View all posts filed under Akismet">Akismet</a> (1)</p> <p></li>

    Feedback sent (or will be sent shortly.)

    2 - Are you sure you turned that on in the Category widget? You need to check the box that says "Display posts counts" or some such.

  3. OOPS! [she said with a redface and she immediately clicked the home button - zoomed to her blog and configured the category widget by clicking on the appropriate (1) numbers of posts and (2)hierarchy buttons which turned on the widget - VOILA! the numbers appeared].
    DUH! [I'm so sorry for being such a clod drmike she said in a small voice. I don't know why I did it on one and not the other.]
    Also I didn't explain this properly what I meant was: is it possible for the number of posts to be depicted on the same line as the name of the category rather than on a line by itself below the category name? P.S. It's been said a look is worth a thousand words [hint].

  4. TT, not a problem. The first point you did mention is valid. I did send in a feedback on it with a pointer here and a copy of the line of code I copied above. From what I see, it should be on the same line. And I don't see any reason why it isn't.

  5. Tx:D

  6. I don't know what browser you use over there but I wanted to note that I'm seeing this in Netscape 7.2 over here.

  7. firefox latest update [This little coyote is a big firefox fan;)] If I have to I can dust off my IE.

  8. TT, I would send in a Feedback. I did as well but just to make sure. :)

  9. done drmike

  10. I just checked a blog outside that uses Regulus and the numbers below the cat name appears to be the default behaviour. I suppose that's why there is a choice for them or not.

  11. It's strange though as there's not a <br /> or other page break in between.

    I wonder if we can convince the theme designer (Bob?) to change this.

  12. drmike - Would be good if we could convince the designer to change it. I don't turn it on because it looks odd having the numbers below the category. Waste of a really good feature. as I'd like to use it.

  13. podz and drmike - thanks for your attention - I'll leave this space wasting matter that doubles the length that the categories take in the sidebar with you because I don't know Bob and you do, okay?

  14. Actually I don't know Bob. He posts here on occasion though.

  15. podz - I'm laying this at your feet, okay?

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