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Regulus comment permalinks

  1. Hi,

    The comment permalinks in the Regulus theme on the front page (see e.g. :
    and on the posting page itself use the comment identifier (in this case 259).

    However, there are no named anchors or id tags in the produced html, so the permalink doens't jump to the specific comment...

    (I've seen the same probleme on self-hosted WP Regulus sites as well, btw, so the error goes back to the author of the theme)


  2. Best bet would be to send in a feedback with a pointer to this thread. That's what staff has asked us to go in cases like theme bugs since they have to create a ticket and have some one actually sit down and look at the issue.

    The anchor appears to be missing to me as well.

  3. Did not realize this. Definitely a problem as I've started creating posts based on questions raised in visitor comments. Links are going to the posts but not the specific comments. Thanks for the information.

  4. Thx.
    I submitted it at

  5. Should work now my friends. :)
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. My comment links work fine now. Thanks for the fix. :D

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