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    Hey there,

    I’ve already sent this problem to feedback, but haven’t recieved a response — wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, and is it fixable on my end?

    In the past few days I’ve recieved a number of comments, but every time I try to respond to a comment (in the comment box), it never shows. This only seems to happen for me, the blog author. Readers can comment, but I cannot.




    We are both using the Regulus theme and I am not experiencing this problem at all. Britgirl , vivianpaige and eclecticgeek all use the Regulus them too perhaps they could advise as well [hint].



    I’m not seeing any problems


    Okey doke. Thanks for the help, sorry for the bother. I’ll just wait for the feedback to feed back.



    Well I noticed a problem with my account and comments today, after I uploaded my avatar. I tried posting comments on 2 other blogs, but it wasn’t showing, so thinking it was in moderation, I tried to comment on my own blog, and what happened my own blog considered my comment as spam. I don’t know if you checked that, but that could be an answer. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth.



    jtintle is also using the Regulus theme. Have you submitted an avatar?



    TT- I got the hint. ;)
    What happened to jtintle happened to me but a few weeks ago. I had forgotten about it. I kept trying to comment but nothing would work. I just happen to look at the Akismet count in the Dashboard and all of a sudden there were a bunch in there. Sure enough, my posts were marked as spam. Checked them as “Not Spam” and all was OK.


    Holy Cow! Y’all are wonder-workers!

    Thought I’d checked Askimet when my comments didn’t post, but they’re there.

    Thanks a ton, everyone!

    [problem resolved]



    thumbs up ^^ for teamwork!

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