Regulus Custom Header…I know I know I know

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    …Believe me, I’ve read every thread in the forum on other people’s difficulties as it relates to custom headers in regulus. I’ve taken the advice of Drmike and others who expertly assisted bloggers in distress. However, none of this helped me with my regulus custom header.

    I believe I have done everything by the book…tried to use my pic from flickr for my header (didn’t work)/ uploaded the pic in a post that I didn’t publish (didn’t work)/ went and found some photo hosting site which produces url links and such for pics (didn’t work)

    So at this point, I’m at my wits end. I need help. Here is the url of the pic I want to use for my header:

    Yes – it is 730 x 140

    Yes – it does show up in preview form after I insert the url

    but NO – it does not show up on my site and when I return to the custom header page I get the “Invalid Image” message.





    The filename has 2 dashes in it. Have you tried a filename without those characters? Just a thought.


    thnx for the suggestion. I tried it and the same thing happened. I can see it on the “Current Theme Options” page in preview mode, but when I click “save settings” and then click “view the site”; a blank white space is where my banner should be. Then I go back to the “Current Theme Options” page and I get the “Image Invalid” message.

    I even changed the name of the file to eliminate the dashes.

    No luck.



    get help from feedback, they solved my regulus header problem previously.


    Your image is 640 x 480? The top part is all white, this may be why it is showing as white on your page.

    I would resize using an image editor and then upload again.


    Thanks Sulz. I’ll try what BB advised and if that doesn’t work, I’ll contant the fine folks at feedback who I’m sure aren’t doing anything. (right)

    Thanks everyone.


    I would put money on my suggestion.

    Let us know if you sort it.



    Looks like it’s working now.




    BB you were right on it. Thank you and thanks to everyone else who took time to try to help a brotha out….:)


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