Regulus – default font no longer operative?

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    Hello everyone

    One of the (many) reasons I used Regulus as a theme was because no matter what I cut and pasted (The Monthlies Blog is a site for posting poetry and short stories written by many contributors) the default font in Regulus gave the site a wonderfully clean look – no mishmash of fonts. Now, however, something seems to have changed, and so, as well as a variety of wonderful poems and stories, I have a variety of fonts! Can anyone tell me what to do? The thought of having to change each post makes me feel ill …




    i’m afraid you’ll feel sicker when i confirm your suspicions. the default font ceased soon after the upgraded version was applied to the theme… i don’t know if thr’s a quick fix to this, but i suspect you have to edit them one by one if you like uniformity… but it’s not too bad, since the html code for it is pretty simple




    I have a feeling that you’re using the Rich Text editor otherwise know as TinyMCE. Unfortunely, it has a history of doing stuff exactly like this. Normally, the response would be to turn off the Rich Text editor and just use the normal one. the issue with that though would be you might be limited on how you copy and paste. (I’m assuming that you’re using Word and you’re copying directly from the written page and not the HTML version.)

    Looking at the source code for this post and this one, you can see this happening. The first one is using MsoNormal and the second one is using Times New Roman. Only other thing I can suggest is going back and reediting to correct the font.

    And then you have this post that doesn’t have any font declaired.


    I felt quite sik indeed…

    I’m no a programmer, or even a do it yourself coder – so the thought of tacking the number of posts I have up there …


    First of all, I feel sick – not sik …

    Well drmike seems to have the answer – if I go through each post and remove any reference to font in the code – it seems to work. So I will have to be very careful that there is none encoded when I cut and paste in future. Not sure how to ensure though. No doubt, this too I shall learn …



    If you’re using Word or another word processor, one thing you can do is save the file to your desktop as a *.txt file and copy and paste from that using Notepad. That way, you only get the text to come over.

    Hope this helps,


    With the new rich editor you can hit alt-b (or ctrl-b on mac) to open up the advanced functions. Then there’s a button called “paste as text” that you can use to paste anything that you copy from a Word document, webpage, etc. without having to worry about the hidden formatting information being included.



    Due to these reports, I restored the font overriding CSS in Regulus. It should prevent these errant font tags from changing your fonts once again.



    thanks andy! that’s great to hear but what abt ppl who do want different fonts? how do they do it then?


    Hi all

    thank you so much for listening to my weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth – and for all the great advice.

    sulz, I don’t know if you agree, but I thought part of the beauty of regulus lay in its very clean look? The different font faces seem to disrupt this. It’s the reason I chose it over some of the other themes.

    Anyway – I’m going to be posting another 25 or so poems/short stories on or about 10 April, so I’m delighted!


    PS I really appreciate the feedback from wordpress and all its members – gives a great sense of security to someone like me who is literally learning every step of the way – I didn’t realise just what would be involved when I gaily said – ‘sure I’ll do the blog…’



    monthlies: agreed, i do like that abt regulus but i might want a different font for some reason in future and if so, i am curious as to how will i do that.


    Hello again all

    Just wanted to say that I have just posted my latest batch and it worked like a charm! Thank you wordpress and regulus – you really did see me through a difficult patch!


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