Regulus Issue: Post date stamp not showing up

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    I’m using the Regulus theme with bunch of CSS edits, and just noticed a weird issue.

    Some of my posts have the date next to title, and some dont. I looked into the individual posts, but couldnt find anything strikingly different. Also, nothing wrong with the admin panel options.

    Does anyone know what is the problem here? Look at my blog and you’ll see what i mean (some posts have the “June 9, 2007” type date right next to the title, and some dont.) It’s driving me crazy.



    It’s because all three of those posts were made on June 9th, 2007. Look at the actual URL of this post


    domain, year, month, day, title. That same prefix is in the first three posts. That is the way most themes work. Not sure if they meant to reduce redundancy, but basically nothing is broken.



    That’s the way the theme designer made the theme probably.

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