Regulus: Side Bar – Link Categories do not show!

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    I want to use the Regulus theme and have a couple of link categories other then Blog Roll.

    My link categories do not show in the side bar. Why? How can I fix this?

    I’ve seen other regulus blogs, and their link categories are visible.

    Please help!



    That is a function of how the original designer choose to code his/her theme. (it’s a slightly different tag to allow the function)

    Without having access to theme templates the only choice your have is to select another theme that breaks down the link cats.

    (NOTE) If you see another Regalas theme that does so post a link to it.


    Here: I found these blogs.

    … How did they do it? =O(



    Hmmm… strange. I know at one time I used Regalas but switched because it didn’t separate the link categories. But obviously it does by your two examples.

    So… I’m stumped as to why.



    I’m using that theme and my link categories show (I only have one other) IIRC, I had to keep refreshing the blog to get it to take the other category. And make sure the category is visible.

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