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  1. 1. in the about sidebar, is it possible to use html code and insert pictures? i tried it once, but it only showed the html codes.

    2. i realise that wp is trying to make widgets available for this theme, but in the meantime, is it possible to have another text box in the sidebar like the widgets in other themes can do?

    3. i remembered when i used other themes, they allowed comments in my pages, but with regulus one can't seem to comment on a page?

    4. will someone pls enlighten me what is and its function(s)?

  2. 1. Not sure. The About is just another page that has been (I believe) configured to show in the sidebar. I don't see why not. What code are you using to post the image?

    2. Pass - use feedback to ask... ;)

    3. I would be very surprised if Regulus didn't allow commenting, it's one of the most basic functions of blogging! I just peeked at your blog. If you look at the end of a post it says (in the little purple box) "Add a comment".

    4. Good question, well asked, never figured it out myself.

    Hope this is of some little use to you.


  3. hi collin

    thanks for the reply. in regards to q3, i was referring to pages rather than posts. i shall try inserting html in the about box again soon to see if it works.

  4. As regards question 3, it's a theme-specific thing. Some themes allow comments on pages, others don't.

  5. 4 - Try typing it into your favorite search engine. :)

  6. thanks wank for your reply. maybe the regulus creator will read this thread and *hint hint*...

  7. hi drmike

    my favourite search engine is actually yahoo, but i think you're referring to google. i googled and finally found out, but i don't see how is it any better than bookmarking on your browser, unless one wants to inform their friends of the kind of bookmarks they have... i guess in that sense it's another form of search engine, compiled by its users? i'm still puzzled by the name though. thanks for the 'enlightenment.'

  8. i tried inserting a simple bold code in my about sidebar, but the code's in it; it doesn't bold my text. anyone knows why?

  9. I have been told by the creator of regulus that there is a new version which will allow commenting on pages but that wordpress need to 'catch up' with it before it is available of - so if you are reading from, please can we have the new version of regulus, please please.

  10. i don't know about your news, kate, but the creator of regulus just announced here about being able to use widgets in his theme soon. perhaps comments on page will come along with the widgets update? *cross fingers*

  11. Sulz, actually I was referring to "your" favorite search engine. I mentioned no names. As the script you're trying to add into your theme is a javascript, it will not work in these themes as scripts are removed for security reasons.

  12. yes, yahoo would have probably explained it too. thanks for answering my q drmike

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