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    my sidebar has slipped down to *below* the posts so the page is coming out all funky. is this only a temporary problem or am i going to have to change my theme.

    also, are there any other themes with ‘recent posts’ coming out?

    btw matt and others: you won’t believe how many compliments i get on my blog’s layout. thank you so much.



    99% of the time, it’s because you have an open tag in there somewhere. I have a feeling that you’re using the graphic editor and it’s leaving something out. May I politely suggest switching to the text editor as you would have much better control over your code.

    I need to add this to the FAQ….



    I think I spotted this same problem on my blog while using the ‘Fresh Bananas’ skin. However it only seemed to be causing a problem in Internet Explorer. I use Safari on my Mac the majority of the time so I didn’t spot it until checking on a computer at Uni…

    Also Firefox seemed fine. :) I’ll check my tag codes anyway, thanks :)


    Many times this “sidebar slip” will be caused by the insertion of a too-large (mostly too large for IE because of the broken box-model) graphic. Sometimes can be caused as well by a very long link inserted.

    Check those possibile problems….



    The sidebar slippage won’t happen because of large images in Regulus. I’ve set the overflow so any large pcitures get cropped.

    drmike had the correct response. I’ve seen a few issues with Regulus and sidebars being the wrong colour or in the wrong position and they are all down to divs/ blockquote/ some other element being left open in the post code.

    Personally I think the wysiwyg editor needs a lot more work to try and remove the issues.



    Personally I think the wysiwyg editor needs a lot more work to try and remove the issues.

    I believe that the wysiwyg editor is TinyMCE. It was also added into the standard PHPNuke install. I know we had a lot of issues with it (We do a roll out of 7.4 IIRC.) and the PHPNuke security sites did as well.


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