Regulus Sidebar Text Widget Linking “block” to “inline” help

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    So I’m tweaking around my Regulus CSS and there’s one little thing that I can’t figure out after a couple days (which, either means this theme is restrictive or I’m just a very very silly newbie)

    If you take a look at my blog, scroll along the sidebar ’til the last Text Widget (“test test”) you might see what I mean. It’s very ugly and takes up too much space if ever I write something in a Text Widget as a “mini-blog” (the reason for doing this) and a link will just separate itself.

    #sidebar a {

    I tried changing the above “block” to “inline” but it yielded a mixed result: yes it kinda achieves what I want, BUT it created another problem: Every other link in the whole Sidebar will be “inline” ie. Categories; blogroll etc so it squishes it — again, un-pretty..

    I did a trial an error by just adding something random that doesn’t exist:

    #sidebar .widget_text a{
    margin:10px 0;

    failed! but I guess that probably is all sorts of wrong.. (points for trying?)

    So is it possible to make this happen? Or it’s just one of the many Regulus’ un-changeable appearances?

    Thanks :)


    you should be able to use
    .textwidget a {}



    Yay! Thanks sunburntka! (i recall reading another thread there’s more to that name.. but can’t remember what the rest is hehe) It worked charmingly.

    I wish I was smarty like you guys so I can pay forward some help around here!


    heehee, yeah. sunburntkamel. sbk works, too.

    paying forward is fun, i mainly hang out here because i’m not smart enough to pay forward in the forums ;)

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