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Regulus template not working

  1. I've had to change the template on my blog because the Regulus theme seems to have become corrupted. When I attached it to another test blog I got the same result.
    I have not made changes to the script, except to add an H2 tag to ozrewired, which seems to work fine on the Digg theme. I like the Regulus theme and want to keep it. What can I do?
    Kay Rennie

  2. Can you explain what you mean by corrupted? Both seem fine to me using Firefox

    What browser are you using?

  3. I'm using IE7 and have been all along. What I mean by corrupted is the CSS appears to have been modified (on the Regulus theme) as the font is tiny and unreadable. This obviously throws the images out of position. I have Firefox on another PC and can check it there, but I really want it to run on IE7!

  4. I just checked on my XP box with FF 2 and IE7 side by side. They look equivalent. Have you tired clearing your cache?

    For a blog, it actually has few errors if you run it through the validator.

  5. Sorry. I'm an idiot! My page text was set to smallest in IE7 and as Regulus has a small font anyway it was unreadable but looked OK in Digg.
    But thanks for the suggestion. It checked out fine in Firefox and that's how I figured it out.

  6. Next question. How to add [resolved] to this topic?

  7. The option is in your first post. :)

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